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Hallo, ich bin Sabrina Hassler, Illustratorin aus Österreich

Hi, I’m Sabrina!

I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m an illustrator and artist from Austria and I LOVE drawing.
Over the years I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge and experience in drawing.
On this blog I want to share my knowledge with you to help you improve your drawing skills!

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Thomas Merton


How to Draw Skin Tones With Coloured Pencils | Video Tutorial

Drawing enlivened skin can be quite challanging. Find out how to draw realistic skin tones using coloured pencils with this video tutorial!

Video-Tutorial: How to Draw Realistic Hair with Pencils

Drawing realistic hair is very complex and takes lots of patience. With my step-by-step guide it will be much easier and hopefully more enjoyable for you!

Draw a rabbit with pencils

In a short time-lapse video you can see how I draw a realistic rabbit with different pencils.

Drawing on Black Paper

Drawing portraits on black paper is great fun. I tried it for the first time – here are my results. You should absolutely give it a go too!

How to deal with a Difficult Drawing

Are you unconcentrated after a few hours of drawing? Do you feel stuck with a difficult drawing? This tip will help you to move on.


Take a look at my spring-themed portrait drawings 🙂

How to draw a portrait

You want to draw a portrait, but you don’t know how and where to start? In this guide and video tutorial, you’ll learn how to get amazing results.

Draw a bee with watercolours

I’ll show you two easy ways to draw a bee. So if you have acrylics or watercolours at home – watch my video tutorial and start drawing today!

Tel Aviv

I have worked up my courage and moved to Tel Aviv to widen my horizon – I am now officially a “digital nomad”. Read more about being an illustrator abroad.



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