I work from dark to light


I recently tried something new: "negative portraits"
I used black paper - which means that instead of going from light to dark, I worked from dark to light this time.

It was totally exciting, because I was almost only drawing the light, since the shadow was already there.

Here are my results: I'm particularly happy with Ian :)
Feel free to write me your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

Sometimes it can help to leave a drawing that you are not happy with for a while. Often, after a few hours you are already unconcentrated and you can no longer see the errors. After a while you can continue drawing full of energy....

Nature as the source of inspiration

Yes, spring is here. You see it, you smell it, you feel it. Simply a wonderful time. Have I told you that spring is my favorite season? :)

That's why I created three spring-themed drawings! I hope you like them :)

Portrait drawing made easy

In this time-lapse video, you will see how I draw portraits with pastel chalks, charcoal and graphite on toned paper. I also wrote a more detailed article about the drawing process (only in German - but with step-by-step pictures)
-> For instructions, go here: The creative universe: Learn to draw a portrait - 6 steps for better portrait drawings



I hope you like the video and you learn something new! I would love to read about your experience in the comments!