On this page you’ll find some information about me, my work, my hobbies and much more.


Hi, I’m Sabrina, artist and illustrator from Austria and I’m crazy about drawing.


Das bin ich - Sabrina Hassler Illustration



Here are some facts about me:


  • I love drawing (surprise!) and I completely lose track of time when I am creative
  • my favourite subjects to draw are people, animals and nature
  • my weapons of choice are: pencils, watercolours, pastels, Photoshop and many more – and I like to use them all at once

How did I get there?

  • I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil, like many kids do. But I didn’t quit drawing since then – that’s what makes the difference.
  • I also went to an art college for 5 years where I learned many techniques that help me with my work today.
  • Afterwards I studied to become a primary school teacher and music educator, because I felt like I needed to learn something that gets me a job.
  • In 2018 I decided to follow my own path and do what I have always wanted to do – Since then I’m working as an illustrator and artist with many different clients and try to pass on my knowledge about drawing to people who are eager to learn.

When it comes to drawing PRACTICE IS THE KEY.



It takes a long time to draw big pencil drawings. I worked about ten hours on this one. When you watch the timelapse video it looks like it was done in a few minutes, right?

  • I have 9 avocado baby plants and I’ll always believe that they will grow little avocados one day (no matter how often I get told that they’re not going to)
  • I love cycling to work because it’s so easy and fast. Moreover I can enjoy nature and the surrounding area, which means that I often look dreamily into the nature instead of concentrating on the bike path. Fortunately, nothing has ever happened to me 😉
  • I quickly get bored when something is repeated or not very demanding. This applies both to my breakfast and my everyday life – I need variety.