Draw a rabbit with pencils

Draw a rabbit with pencils

Time-Lapse-Video: Rabbit drawing

Of course I couldn’t resist drawing a rabbit again this Easter. Do you want to know how a rabbit drawing is made? Then watch my process video below!

How to draw a rabbit with pencils / easter bunny - realistic drawing

Here you can see my finished drawing (after I added an orange background and a frame with Photoshop).

Scroll down for the video!

Here’s my process video

Although many people are afraid to try it, animal studies are an excellent exercise to develop drawing techniques. Drawing the fur, for example, seems impossible to many. Actually it is not that difficult, if you build up the fur piece by piece in layers. In this time-lapse video you can see how I draw the first layer of the rabbit very brightly with a rather hard pencil. Gradually, I then use increasingly softer pencils to reinforce the darker areas and thus build up the contrast. With the eraser I set highlights (places where there is a lot of light) or erase individual hairs so that they stand out from the darker layer.

Used materials:

  • pencils (HB – 9B)
  • black coloured pencil
  • blending stump
  • eraser
  • pen eraser

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments below 🙂

How to draw a rabbit with pencils - video tutorial

Here’s a photo you can save to your Pinterest.

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Who am I?

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